As we mentioned in our most recent Miss Manners post, there is a way to dress smart and stylish when you’re traveling. We certainly aren’t encouraging sky-high heels a la Victoria Beckham, but do think there are ways to incorporate comfort without looking like a slob. Most importantly, you’ll want to wear something that allows you to sit for a few hours without having to adjust. Sincere apologies to your favorite skinny jeans, but your aisle mates won’t be happy if you are continually having to stand and pull them up. To maintain a polished look, a maxi-dress or silk crepe trousers can be just as comfortable as yoga pants but are about a “mile higher” when it comes to style.

Next, it is really essential to keep the long security line in mind. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off are an absolute must- so no intricately laced boots or gladiator sandals please! Ballet flats or loafers will help you hustle between connecting flights and not annoy fellow travelers when it’s your turn to head through the metal detector. If you don’t want to say bon voyage to your accessories that day, keep them as fuss-free as possible. A belt needs to be easily and quickly removed, and jewelry should be small enough that it can be tucked in your carry on until you’re through all security checkpoints.

Lastly, don’t forget layers (you don’t want to be stuck using the airline’s blanket), and something to keep you entertained. We always head for the magazine stand- but with so many flights offering Wifi, our laptops have become our best travel companions. Remember to grab your beauty essentials before takeoff, and you’ll be perfectly fashionable while you fly.

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Laptop Case // 2. Dress // 3. Cardigan // 4. Rings // 5. Ballet Flats // 6. Lip Treatment // 7. Bracelet // OUTFIT 2: 1. Face Mist // 2. Lip Treatment // 3. Rings // 4. Chambray // 5. Belt // 6. Shoes // 7. Trousers // 8. Laptop Case