The first Monday of the year has arrived. And, for us anyways, so have a few extra holiday pounds. Do we regret eating 3 boxes of peppermint bark?? Absolutely not. However, we’re resolved to stick with our fitness goals. In addition to these helpful tips, we’re going to try our fool proof method for getting to the gym – new workout gear!

We’re not sure why, but nothing is more motivating than some cute new activewear. Whether you’re a walker or a jogger, a yogi or a zumba aficionado – you should definitely splurge on some new kicks, great new sweats, and all the cute accessories that will make working out a little more fun (or at the very least, more stylish). Happy New Year, and good luck!

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Sweatshirt // 2. Sunglasses // 3. Vest // 4. Earbuds // 5. Headband // 6. Sweatpants // 7. Sneakers // OUTFIT 2: 1. Dri Fit Top // 2. Leggings // 3. Fitbit // 4. Water Bottle // 5. Socks // 6. Sunglasses // 7. Sneakers