From a problem comes opportunity. For decades the beauty industry, like many others, was stuck in a traditional conformist mold of mostly white, perfect, statuesque models touting the products of large makeup brands. It wasn’t inclusive, it was rarely body-positive, and frankly was unimaginative. Fast forward to the 2010s and the outcry from consumers for more diverse and inventive products in beauty was finally heard. In September 2017, Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty which offered, during its initial stages forty different shades of foundation. That was it. No major or small brand could find success without being similarly inclusive with the number of shades they created.

That’s the story of just one black-owned brand that disrupted an industry. Today, we’re sharing eight others that have had similar effects. From Anita Grant, who saw blisters from a lotion she used as a problem and opportunity to search for clean beauty based on natural ingredients, to Karen Young, of OUI The People, who launched a shaving brand with a mission called “The reConstitution” that aims to revolutionize the messaging and language around beauty to something much more positive. These brands are owned by women of color and often serve primarily the specific beauty needs of the POC community. But the truth is, is that their brands offer everyone an original beauty experience, whether directly through their innovative products, or, through their company’s impact on the industry.

Check out our slideshow to find out about these eight brands!