Travel is an art form – it requires a lot of trial and error to get right. From knowing what to wear when having to go through airport security (no snug boots, belts, or arm parties!), to knowing whether it’s better to hail a cab, take public transportation, or call an Uber – it takes practice and probably a lot of mistakes.

You can’t always predict what will happen once you arrive at your destination, but one thing that all jet-setters have down is their packing routine. We’ve done some research – some of us at the office are serious travelers – to come up with a list of our top 7 travel essentials. Here are our picks:

1. A chic hair accessory (i.e. a large clip) – you will most likely encounter some meteorological set back (humidity, rain, or wind) or become a victim of airplane hair. The best way to keep your hair looking chic is pulling it back with a clip or mastering a quick updo. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to go through a whole wash-and-blowdry routine.

2. A lightweight laundry bag – no one wants their dirty underwear tumbling out of their suitcase or getting mixed in with clean clothes. A lightweight fabric bag to put all used clothing in will make sure that last night’s curry dinner smelling shirt or sweaty socks won’t ruin the rest.

3. A small hairbrush – perfect for your purse and a great tool to help with the types of hair issues you might encounter on-the-go. A handy and efficient idea is to have a separate dopp kit filled with travel-sized items already set up for your next trip.

4. A high quality travel-sized hairdryer – ok… we know, we’re obsessed with hair. But let’s face it, hotel hairdryers are the worst.

5. A quality sunscreen – even if you are going somewhere that is mostly cloudy, the secret to great skin is to moisturize and protect it from the sun. Why not find a cream that not only does both, but also smells amazing.

6. A set of travel fragrances – at home you might have your signature scents, but when you travel there’s only room for one. Buy several travel sized perfumes that vary in scents (one for day and one for night). It’s a small luxury that goes a long way.

7. A Wallpaper* City Guide – this is the guide of all guides. Not all of us are blessed with friends around the world who know all of the best local spots. If you want an experience that is a bit more authentic than what most travel guides will provide, we strongly suggest Wallpaper*’s City Guides. They use their extended network of chic individuals around the world to help put-together trust-worthy, edited content for over 100 cities.