With LA’s warmer climate and sunshine, great produce, and pretty venues like Rolling Greens, there are many reasons why dining al-fresco is a good idea. Sarah Hendrix, from La Femme Epicure along with cheese-board mavens Lady & Larder and Lucini Italia, a top olive oil, tomato sauce and vinaigrette producer, created the perfect lunch event to celebrate Italian ingredients. Their mission? To enjoy the multitude of flavors that Tuscany has to offer, but more importantly to carry on the Italian tradition of enjoying a slow meal with friends.

Guests were greeted with three different cocktails, designed by The Spirits in Motion, with spirits like aperol and prosecco, as well as a variety of ingredients like honey basil syrup, blackberry & vanilla shrub, fresh carrot juice and garnished with Fresh Origins edible mirco-flowers. Rolling Greens, on Beverly Blvd, is a destination for home and garden. It is filled with lush plants, and served as the perfect rustic atmosphere to tie in both the cocktail list and menu. The farm-like backdrop paired well with the boards of Italian cheeses, cured meats, roasted peppers, nuts, and olives.

Once at the table, styled by Rolling Greens themselves using dishware from Dish Wish, the guests were treated to a flavorful olive oil tasting. Lucini’s Marketing Manager explained how to professionally discern the different flavors of each oil, and how to pair it with the right ingredients. Afterwards, the lunch continued family style — with platters of roasted spring vegetables, slow cooked cannellini beans, and chicken meatballs with fresh burrata and Lucini Organic Rustic Tomato Basil Sauce. Finally, the lunch ended with a delicious Budino Gelato & Chocolate Fondente Sorbetto by Nancy’s Fancy with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and a homemade wafer.

From the menu, to the table styling, cocktails, and venue, this Californian lunch with Italian ingredients felt like just the inspiration we need to open a bottle of wine, and sit down with our closest friends to enjoy a slow meal.