Vermouths are often thought of only as a secondary ingredient in cocktails such as martinis and Manhattan. But a well-made vermouth is delicious even on it’s own and they also can be used as the main spirit for a low ABV cocktail. This recipe combines dry vermouth and dry cider for a cocktail that is perfect for fall. Plus, it’s simple enough to whip up a bunch quickly at a party – or to make on a Tuesday with practically no effort at all.

Since this cocktail has such a small ingredient list, having high-quality ingredients is extra important. For any cocktail that features vermouth, we always turn to Lo-Fi Aperitifs. All of Lo-Fi’s vermouths and amaro are made from California wine with natural herbs and botanicals. The result is just as delicious as our favorite Napa varietals but offer a nice change of pace sipped over ice or in a cocktail. Here’s how we’re enjoying them this fall!

The Lo-Fi Extra Dry
2 oz Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth
Dry apple cider
Apple slice garnish

Pour the vermouth into a double rocks glass with ice. Top with dry cider. Add garnish, if desired. Done!