The coastal equestrian community of Rancho Santa Fe, located near San Diego, set the scene for a bohemian affair that we just can’t stop staring at. (Talk about a picture-perfect backdrop, right??)  LuckyJack Farm and its sprawling grounds, home to some of the most exquisite horses in the area, was the venue – and dinner took place in the property’s modern barn. Guests nibbled on a modern-Baja menu from Waters Fine Foods and Catering, and the table included playful dinnerware from Folklore Vintage Rentals, hand painted menus from Twinkle and Toast, and patterned glamour from Rais Case and Folk Project. Isari Flower Studio swathed the modern wood table with rich, jewel toned florals (tulips, dahlias, anemones, lilac, cactus, succulents, air plants) while Shane and Lauren Photography captured every last detail.

We wanted – needed – to know more about such a stunning soiree, so we chatted with the experts at Isari Flower & Design studio, and even convinced the team at Water’s Fine Foods and Catering to share a few recipes — which you’ll find in the slideshow. Enjoy:

We love this venue! How did you find it?

LuckyJack Farm has been a dream venue of ours because of its rustic-farm style and California chic design. Everywhere you look there are elements of charm and elegance: brass names plates on the horses stalls, lounge areas that beckon you to relax, stunning view of the Rancho Santa Fe hills.

It’s stunning. What do you look for when choosing a venue?
When working with clients to select a venue, we start with a few key questions. Coast or country? Rustic, refined, or a combination? Indoor or outdoor? Having a “wish list” from clients helps our Event Designers curate the right group of venues to select from. Inevitably, each venue will be missing something, some will come with extra perks and, every once in a while, you come across a deal breaker. Our job as designers is to guide our clients through the selection process and towards the best choice for their vision and event.

The party looks like a lot of fun. What are your top tips for hosting a party AND enjoying it?
Planning ahead is essential! The more you can prep in advance the better and that starts in the planning process. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party or a large event, partnering with people will help you stay one step ahead. Sometimes that means calling in a coordinator and sometimes it means asking a girlfriend to arrive an hour early and help set up. Regardless of the size of the event, having a little help goes a long way to ensure that you can enjoy while hosting.

We’re obsessed with this tabletop design. What can you tell us about it?
The benches from Folkproject are custom made pieces. The owner, Merijam Roelofs, uses a raw material known as the Huipil, which is an essential piece of the Guatemalan and Mexican traditional costumes.  Every Huipil is bought at a fair price from the artists in order to promote the survival of their traditions.

Finally, it’s not really a party without good food… right?
The menu created by Waters Fine Foods and Catering was inspired by Mexican cuisine and featured mezcal marinated shrimp, rich mole sauce and a horchata panna cotta. Tequila added some fun to the evening and a rosé (Domaine de Fontsainte, “Gris de Gris” Rosé, Languedoc, France) complemented the meal.

Yum! For more information (AND recipes for both the Amigo Punch & Chilled Avocado Sauce, start the slideshow.

Venue: Lucky Jack Farm
Flowers: Isari Flower Studio and Event Design
Catering: Waters Fine Foods and Catering
Photography: Shane and Lauren Photography
Rentals: Adore Folklore
Custom Furniture: Folkproject
Accessories: Rais Case
Calligraphy: Twinkle and Toast
Fashion: Shop Van de Vort Child of Wild