Nutrition expert and wellness coach Dana Kofsky (of Wellness Styled) has built her business with a slightly different approach: she goes out to eat 6 times a week and is all about building your diet around your lifestyle, instead of the other way around! (That’s a plan we can get on board with!) Her approach to eating is really different and quite relatable, and our team was totally inspired by that. We asked Dana if she’d share a few tips for our readers for the next time they’re faced with a tough menu choice:
  1. When you first look at a new restaurant’s menu, look for the items that you DO want! If a restaurant has particular items on the menu, they can usually custom design something for you. And always remember – if you want something simply made, just ask!
  2. Be aware of “sautéed” dishes. Sautéed in olive oil is better than butter. If you’re not sure, ask your server!
  3. When you’ve decided on a dish, take a moment to ask the server how the dish is prepared. Often times, restaurants don’t list every item that’s included in a dish on the menu. It’s better to know before you order!
  4. If you find a dish you like, but you want to eliminate more than two items, try ordering the food how you’d like it prepared instead. For example, if an entrée includes salmon, rice pilaf, and a butter-based sauce, try ordering “grilled salmon with vegetables sautéed in olive oil” instead. By simply asking for exactly what you want, you can make it easier on everyone involved!
  5. As always, look out for the standard fried foods. Substitute any fried dishes with grilled ones instead!