Today we’re sharing the second floral how-to from Amanda Vidmar, this time focusing on an unexpected and sophisticated summer arrangement. See her Spring Centerpiece Tutorial here. Amanda shares more about her arrangement below – and don’t miss all the summer blooms in the slideshow!

What inspired your monochromatic tablescape?
Mid-summer always means one thing for my business: tons of wedding flowers! Like many other business owners, I have to always keep challenging myself to stay inspired amidst the long–albeit lovely–hours we put in to our weddings. So, I wanted to challenge myself to use blush-tones (which are easily the most popular palette for weddings!) in a way that can transcend itself into an easy-to-put-together arrangement for any gathering.

I’ve been inspired this year to pair blush-toned flowers with an unexpected linen to switch up the traditional design, and while the copper-toned linen could have easily read ‘autumnal’, pairing the linen with summer flowers and seasonal fruit kept the overall design feeling fresh. I’m also a firm believer in that all tablescapes are better with a cheese plate and a bottle of champagne to share.

I also thought it was important to balance the wild, natural style of the flowers with the clean lines in the champagne coups and ceramic plates.

How could our readers recreate this look?
I chose a low, ceramic bowl for the arrangement to keep the table looking clean and modern. I always use a small piece of chicken wire inside of the vase to keep the stems in place, especially if you’re planning to travel with the centerpiece.

Firstly, I started with greenery to cover some of the mechanics. I chose three types of greens for this arrangement: Nandina, because of it’s airiness, Abelia, for it’s perfectly blush blooms, and honeysuckle, for it’s shape and scent.

Next, I placed the ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias, all at different depths as a focal point for this arrangement. This variety of dahlias especially tend to wilt very easily, so I always recommend to keep them in the refrigerator before use.

I then placed the zinnias in the arrangement. This particular variety is called ‘Zinderella Peach’ and are from a local farm in Sunol, CA called Bluma Farm. The owner of the farm, Joanna, has been an absolute gift to the flower community here in the Bay Area– her product is always so beautiful, fresh, and unique to what we can find at the flower market.

Next, I placed the ‘Bowen’ dahlias. I love their texture, and how tiny they are compared to the ‘Cafe au Lait’. There are 42 species of dahlias and thousands of varieties, so it’s always fun to work with so many different shapes and textures of the same flower. Again, I place the ‘Bowen’ dahlias at different depths. My general rule of thumb is ‘one high, one low’, to mimic how they grow in nature.

Local garden roses are some of my absolute favorite blooms of all time, they soften any arrangement. I placed them in the arrangement to break up any moments I thought felt harsh.

And finally, I placed the chocolate cosmos, which actually smell like chocolate! I love how dainty and ‘dance-y’ these blooms are. It definitely adds a whimsical feel to any arrangement, especially with the clean lines of the coups, ceramic plates, and flatware.

Finish with a bowl of seasonal fruit, a cheese platter, and if you feel so inclined, pop open a bottle of bubbly to share with a few friends.