A few weeks ago at the beautiful Washbow in Los Angeles, tastemakers gathered to celebrate the new Lover.ly line, designed by Eva Franco. The collection of bridesmaid dresses includes gorgeous textiles, flattering silhouettes, and enough variety to make every girl happy. (Seriously! Say goodbye to the bridesmaid dress stigma!!)

The party included Bloody Mary shooters, a mimosa bar, and mini cakes that matched the dresses. 24 Carrots, one of our favorite SoCal catering companies, also created a DIY Acai Bar, and we’re pleased as punch to share it with you today: 

The acai berry is the superfood hero, with an impressive list of health benefits (including antioxidants and healthy fats) and none of the bitter aftertaste of some of its dark green counterparts.

Acai has been present in the health food scene in the form of juice, smoothies, or bowls, and we thought creating our own elevated version of the treat was the perfect fit for Loverly’s brunch gathering.

Our acai bowl boasts frozen and mashed acai palm fruit served over Greek yogurt. To make the acai puree:

       8 oz. pure acai, frozen (available at most local health food stores)

       8 oz. acai juice (available at most local health food stores)

       1 banana

       Large handful blueberries

Puree until smooth. Serve immediately. Serves 4.

Toppings can be few or plenty, but we selected our favorites: fresh mixed berries, kiwi, mango, banana, chocolate chips, homemade granola and shredded coconut. Enjoy!

EventEva Franco for Loverly debut
ProductionBe Inspired PR
Catering24 Carrots
PhotographyBraedon Flynn
RentalsArchive Rentals
Floral DesignLa Fleur Kitchen
VenueThe Washbow