Happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, we’re sharing a dreamy dinner party in Baja that will certainly inspire your next soiree.

Some of San Diego’s best came together to pay homage to their neighbors south of the border. Isari Flower Studio created the memorable tablescapes, which included centerpieces showcasing fruits and vegetables common in Mexican cuisine — avocado, tamarind, nopales, tomatillo, and chayote. Folklore Rentals brought in cool Baja finds, while Samantha Louise Designs offered her calligraphy to make the details pop. And with Waters Fine Food and Catering crafting the menu, items like Mexican Coca Cola braised carnitas and horchata cocktails kept guests smiling. (Lucky you, the recipe for the carnitas is available in the slideshow!) Of course, Luna Photo was there to capture every detail. We’re chatting with Tayler of Isari Flower Studio to learn more about the picturesque party:

Tell us a bit about the event design. What was the inspiration, and how did you bring it to life?
Living in San Diego, we draw a lot of inspiration from our neighbors across the border. Most of the creatives who helped design this shoot regularly travel to Baja and you can’t help but returning stateside craving bright colors, tequila, and tacos! So the team decided to pay homage to one of our favorite weekend getaways; we wanted to celebrate the Baja that we personally know and love.

Baja has a such a unique landscape that is full of different textures. From rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, soft grassy hillsides to prickly gardens of cactus, it doesn’t take long before you go on sensory overload – in the best way possible. So we wanted to have a location that was reminiscent of that and, lucky for us, I had just the place.

Mexican food is such a big part of San Diegan culture but we wanted to highlight something other than the much beloved taco. So we worked with Water’s Fine Foods and Catering to write a menu that was punchy with both the colors and flavors that we are constantly craving.

The name cards indoors are so unique. How did you create them?
Believe it or not, the calligrapher got those marble coasters at Target!  She was out and about one day, saw them, and promptly scooped up as many as she could carry! At the time she picked them up, she didn’t have any plans for them but knew eventually they would be perfect for something.

She wanted to keep everything clean and simple but also bold with strong design.  So Samantha used a combination of an extra-fine point oil based Sharpie and acrylic paint for the lettering on the coasters and then sealed them with Krylon crystal clear acrylic coating. Ta-da!

What is your favorite part about this event?
We love that we got to incorporate some of the pieces we have collected over the years we have been traveling to Baja. From fabrics to hand painted ceramics, there are lots of details in the shoot that are a part of our personal collection. And being able to tell that story made this shoot even more fun!