For us, there’s nothing better than bringing a group of like-minded people together for a great meal and even better conversation. That was the inspiration behind this brunch, designed by Twofold LA. The menu was produce focused — a style that helped the creatives behind Emblem Flowers dream up the most beautiful centerpiece we’ve probably ever seen. Added bonus: while it was intended as decor, guests were able to nibble on the fresh raspberries, radishes, and other produce during the meal. Speaking of food, Pace Webb (the  Chef + Owner of Taste of Pace) created a menu that was totally celebratory of the season and exciting to the palate, but easy to eat and share. Talk about a true farm-to-table experience! 

Read our interview with the talented group behind the event to find out more about this vibrant event, and snag a few tips to recreate something similar this weekend:

This event is so uniquely beautiful! We have to ask — what was your inspiration?
We drew inspiration from the beautiful colors and textures of blossoming spring. Twofold LA worked with Charmain of Emblem Flowers to conceptualize a garland that would feel almost as though it were growing directly from the center of the table. Tableware was rented from Borrowed Blu’s beautiful inventory including acacia wood chargers and granite colored plates from their Russel Wright collection. Flatware was kept a classic silver and clear pressed glasses were added for a bit of sparkle. To top it all off we added blue grey taper candles in vintage silver holders to provide additional texture and warm glow.

Any tips for recreating something similar at home?
To recreate this showstopping centerpiece, start with a lush garland made of aromatic greens such as bay leaves and eucalyptus. From there build upon the base by layering a mix of florals, fruits and vegetables. To add visual interest, experiment with different ways of cutting the fruits and vegetables – for instance, we chose to slice our beets in half to showcase the rich ruby red on the interior. To polish up any dull produce considering brushing on a bit of olive oil to add some sheen or keep things raw for a truly edible centerpiece.

We have a feeling many of our readers will want to try something similar this weekend. What are your top tips for effortless entertaining?
Tip 1: if you plan on doing the cooking and decor yourself, plan ahead. There is nothing worse than guests being greeted by a stressed out and frantic host. Stay organized and lay things out a head of time so that when your guests arrive you can be present and enjoy the event.

Tip 2: Consider family style service — while a buffet can be practical and plated meals feel elegant, there is nothing that quite brings people together in the same way then sharing food across a table. You can cut your time in half but simply creating platters that are displayed directly on the table and shared amongst all your guests.

Tip 3: Details details details — you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create an impactful design rich in thoughtful details. We love to always include a little something special at each guests place setting as a way of saying we appreciate you being here. Consider making hand written place cards with each guests name or getting creative with a place setting detail, in this case we chose radishes which felt festive and provided a lovely pop of color.