Carly Kuhn, Artist and Founder of The Cartorialist, began decorating her space as many of us do — over time, and somewhat accidentally. “I don’t think I set out with any specific intention. I’ve always collected things I love and all of my big pieces are neutrals,” she says. “So with that starting point, I then began to add in other items that I was drawn to. I built upon the design very organically in order to give it more life.” She has lived in her loft space for about a year but never fully settled in its layout. She had an idea of what she was going for, and what pieces she wanted to feature within the space, but she explains “it was difficult to conceptualize the entire design and layout without seeing everything together.”

Rather than a traditional interior designer experience, Carly used Hutch. As she describes it, Hutch “gives you the tools to almost become your own designer on your own timeline.” Carly was able to visualize how everything would look together in the space, making sense of the open-concept layout as she worked. Carly approached the process much like she does her art, using both a sense of spontaneity and that gut feeling. She explains, “When I sit down to draw, I don’t really plan things out, I just kind of go. I approach my home in a similar way, going off of my feelings about particular pieces and having it be an organic process of how it all comes together.”

With the loft finally feeling like home, Carly is now able to focus on the next big steps for The Cartorialist. “This year I am excited to focus on expanding the brand into a number of different areas- specifically home, fashion, and design. The first step in this space will be a wallpaper collaboration with a Los Angeles based Interior design firm. And for the art itself, I will continue to create new original pieces, limited edition prints and Installations around the city – be on the lookout for more faces #findthefaces!”