Just in its beginning stages, Lance Thomas and Drew Hoffpauir founders of the design firm Room Service, were brought on to design the home of a young doctor on Lake Charles, Louisiana. Their client had a clear idea of what he wanted – an all-white space that was done right.

The inspiration for the 4,500 square-foot home was Alys Beach – an elegant coastal community in Florida designed with a clean seaside aesthetic. With just the foundation having already been poured, there was plenty for Lance and Drew to work with. “We took the concept of Alys Beach and injected our unbuttoned sophistication and signature collected aesthetic,” the designer said. Lance chose dark walnut, almost onyx planks from Carlisle Flooring for the floors that contrasted with the bright white walls. “Nothing says, ‘I meant to do an all-white space’ more than doing the exact opposite in focal areas,” he advised. “In this home, we added oversized black and white art in the dining room and black leather stitched occasional chairs in the living room.”

Furthermore, it was key that the mostly white home feel warm and welcoming rather than reminiscent of the sterile and clean environment that Lance and Drew’s client worked in. To do so, they implemented two elements: First, they decided to cover the walls of the powder room with a bright geometric wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries. “It gives a wink and a smile to a coastal waterfront backdrop,” Lance explained. Then, they made sure to include pieces with soul: “I added interest to all of the spaces by layering antiques, personal heirlooms, vintage mid-century, and traditional surprises here and there. This developed our signature ‘Collected Eclectic’ vibe that is unique to every client. It’s what gives every home we design a distinct voice.”