Formerly a retail buyer in the fashion industry, Maggie Burns says she found herself “more interested in the design of the spaces I was selling from rather then the actual fashion itself.” The full gut-renovation of her first home sealed the deal. It was time for a career change. Now Maggie is a Homepolish designer and has her own firm. 

Today she’s sharing a recent Homepolish project for a family of four. She says, “Jackie, a sales director at Vogue/ Conde Nast, and David, in commercial real estate at CBRE, live in Chelsea with their two young sons. After moving into a new space within the same building for their growing family they wanted to create a home that was bright, modern and playful.” 

And that blue kitchen banquette up there is the center of the home, in more ways than one. Maggie says, “The banquette was already existing in the space and worked well with the layout of the kitchen and dining area. Because we were keeping the palette of the living room that sits adjacent to the dining table super neutral, we felt like the banquette upholstery was a fun area to add a bit of color. I love the bright pop of blue here, and the leather finish makes it functional and low maintenance!” Similar to selecting durable leather for the banquette, Maggie opted for quartz over marble countertops with a beautiful veining that still capture her aesthetic vision. She says, “We wanted the space to feel comfortable for their family but not look as though it was designed specifically for young children.” 

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