We’ve featured Stacey Cohen’s work in the past, but– at least on the surface– today’s home has little in common with the bold, eclectic home showcased in our June 2015 issue. While the color palettes are quite different, a closer looks reveals Stacey’s elegant touch and youthful details in both.

Designing for a young, Los Angeles family of four, Stacey was inspired by the California climate, aiming for a casual, beach-y vibe that is effortless and cool. She says, “It was important that the design lends itself to the casual lifestyle of family living. Thanks to the layout and flow of the home by Matt from Matt Made Architecture, this was easy to achieve.” Stacey relied on a palette of great neutrals, with lots of natural elements and organic materials, to unite the different areas of the home. In the living room, small details of gold, such as on the side table, bring a bit of LA glamour while the white walls and furnishings promote a serene home. Of course, budget is always a concern, especially for families with young children, so Stacey knew to save as well as splurge. “We overcame this by being very selective with our investments pieces and mixing highs and lows,” she says.

See the full tour in the slideshow, including Stacey’s favorite detail, the front door!