Last week we featured a peaceful cottage at Serenbe designed by Julie Holloway of Milk and Honey Home. Today we have a second home from the designer, which like last week’s home, also takes full advantage of its countryside location. Light gray walls and a muted palette create a relaxing atmosphere, while nature is frequently repeated as a theme in the art throughout the house. See the home in the slideshow and learn more below.

Welcome back! Who were your clients for this project?
Angie and Kenny love an eclectic, earthy vibe. They have four young kids, though, so furniture and surfaces needed to be soft but durable.

I would say the challenge for both homes was finding items that will hold up beautifully for a large family. Serenbe is really a place to be outdoors, too, so fabrics need to be washable to get the dirt and mud out.

How, if at all, is working on a project at Serenbe different than for clients elsewhere?
Oh, I do feel it is a bit different. I feel that every resident I’ve met appreciates art (and many artists live there). Serenbe is south of Atlanta, but quite close to the new Pinewood Studios and Senoia, where The Walking Dead is filmed. Many people who work in film choose to live here, including Zoe Saldana and Norman Reedus! Since most residents have a real passion for art and design, they love taking risks in their homes. I’m so grateful I’ve been able to work here.