Designer Tina Ramchandani had two distinct styles she had to work with when identifying an aesthetic for this central New Jersey home. “The husband wanted a more modern look, and the wife wanted a country feel,” the designer tells us. “I tried to thoughtfully to incorporate both aesthetics into this home.” Fortunately, the pair was great at compromising.

The homeowners relocated from Manhattan to the suburbs when they decided to start a family, as they’d always envisioned a house with a yard, a grilling station, and a basement — all so the kids could have their own spaces to play in. This property was livable when they found it, but it needed a lot of love. “We added a bathroom on the first floor, renovated the master bathroom on the second floor, stained the floors, added custom millwork and fireplace surrounds, and more,” Tina shares.

Typically, Tina and her team will design the home as a whole (as opposed to designing as they go), so there will be a complete and informed vision. “In this case, the due date of baby number one was fast approaching they needed their home completed as soon as possible, which meant making design decisions in steps aligned with construction,” she says. “Each step built on our last decision, and while I knew we would end up with a cohesive home, it was more difficult since I had to revise my process in this way. Thankfully we had a great team that made this possible to do!”

The entire project, which she details in the slideshow, took about 2 years to complete and was installed in stages. “Every time a room was fully installed, the client was happy and appreciative,” the designer concludes. “I truly enjoy turning over completed homes to clients, as they get to experience their lives surrounded by the things and people that matter to them most.”