Now more than ever, we are realizing that our homes are a crucial factor in our happiness. They can be a source of pain – in the form of broken furniture, stained carpets, the wrong color palette – or they can be a source of power – we can re-energize ourselves, feel calmed, and soothed. It might be difficult at the moment to make more drastic changes such as repainting the whole living room, but some minor changes can also have a big impact.

Our sofas and bed serve as neutral backdrops for throw pillows, which in turn can help dictate the stylistic direction you want the room to go in: a wool knitted pillow (such as 1. in our roundup) will bring your space in a more organic, earthy direction. If you gravitate towards a boho look, ethnic prints (6. & 7. in our roundup) will help you achieve that. Perhaps you love the vintage glamor of the ’60s, a velvet bolster (5.) will be a great investment.

Remember that there are several factors to take into account: pattern/type of fabric, tonality, and size. Be wary of buying many small-sized pillows (for a square pillow, for example, anything under 18″ x 18″ will look inexpensive). We always recommend down or a down-like filled insert to give off a more elegant feel.

Shop the Story: 1. Nube Handwoven Wool Pillow, $285, Sien + Co // 2. Striped Hemp Hmong Pillow, $245, The Vintage Rug Shop // 3. Handwoven Marled Bold Center Stripe Pillow Cover, $165-$229, Restoration Hardware // 4. Ravi Vintage No. 1, $120, McGee & Co // 5. Sabine Velvet Bolster Pillow, $37, Lulu & Georgia // 6. Folio Pillow, $127-$192, Susan Connor New York // 7. Vintage Mali Mud Cloth Pillow, $169, FullBloomCottage