New Jersey based interior designer and textile designer Uma Stewart is known for her clean, modern approach to creating homes full of soul. She describes her homes as the perfect “antidote to busy routines and demanding workplaces.” She shares a recently completed project with us today.

You are known for designing for busy families. This home was no exception, correct? How did your clients inspire your design?
She is an attorney and he is a musician. They are a pretty unique family with two children, ages 8 and 10. Their requests were rather simple. They loved my style, particularly a lean towards traditional style that still felt modern to them. And they wanted it to be amazing. That was it! I couldn’t believe my good fortune after that meeting!

I was inspired by the fact that this was a fun, relaxed family that I would have expected to want all mid-century or something like that, but they did not. So, we mixed mid-century in with a lot of traditional pieces. The couple hailed from Texas and Nashville and I had that in the back of my mind during the design process as well, though there was no particular request to reference the design styles of those geographies.

What was the home’s condition when you started the project?
The house had a real mish-mosh of interior millwork from room to room and we had to do a number of adjustments to the interior architecture to reign it in, without doing a wholesale renovation because that wasn’t in the project scope.

You’ve worked as an interior designer for over a decade but have been surrounded by interior design since childhood. How did you end up choosing it as a career yourself?
I grew up in the industry and as a child spent many hours in my mother’s studio and on job sites for installations. There was a lot of learning by osmosis going on! When I couldn’t find another career that was a fit, interior design suddenly felt like the absolute right path.

See the home in the slideshow!