Have you heard of Bemz yet? Well, if you have an IKEA sofa in need of a refresh, you need to check out this company’s extensive line of custom sofa covers available in 42 countries that are made to perfectly fit many popular IKEA models (and many other sofas as well!)

The impetus for Bemz came in 2005 when Lesley was re-furnishing her family’s summer home. She was mixing classic pieces with antiques and rare market finds plus with her new IKEA sofa, only to discover there were no chic and personalized ways to cover the sofa with the fabric she envisioned. Inspired, she launched Bemz to fill the void. When designing this home, her family’s primary residence, Lesley again mixed antique and new pieces, including from Bemz.

Fittingly, this home has textiles in its foundation. Lesley shares, “One of Sweden’s most famous textile designers, Kajsa Melanton, lived in the house with her family, and even the most recent owners were artists. The house has a creative energy and vibe that I wanted to maintain.” Lesley did this by selecting a neutral palette of light grey walls and white washed pine floors that serve as the blank canvas for bold colors and elective mix of furnishings. Of her design aesthetic, Lesley says, “It’s always a personal story, and always a risk. I never know how it will look until I see it in place.”

See the full home and learn more about Lesley’s designs in the slideshow!