Seattle is a bit of an enigma, where evergreens thrive alongside glittering buildings and the iconic skyline only competes with Mount Rainier. The city has a rich history, built on seafaring, timber, and now — tech.

The Palladian Hotel offers an ode to this juxtaposition. Designed by San Francisco’s Nicole Hollis, the high contrast of the great outdoors and the tech world served as inspiration, not a challenge. “There’s a lot of exciting things that can happen when you explore the convergence of those two worlds — I don’t see them necessarily at odds,” Nicole explains. “The riveted wood wall panel headboards give a nod to the timber and logging industry. There are metallic glimmers throughout in reference to the gold rush. And then the lush nature of Puget Sound comes in tones of blues and greens. It’s important that none of the references are literal — instead they work together create an atmosphere that feels true to the city and location but also feels fresh and original.”

The design is clearly very thoughtful, and the city itself was the perfect starting point for Nicole. “Inspiration came from several visits to Seattle. More specifically, a visit to the Seattle Museum of Industry. The museum has everything about the history of Seattle. I saw a film about The Great Fire, photos of the logging industry, all the beers, the first Starbucks sign, and the recliner from Frasier. We also visited local whisky bars and speakeasies.”

From the moment you step inside, you’ll find that artwork plays a major role in the space. “Local art is important in all of our projects – it really creates a sense of place,” the designer explains. “It’s important that all the artwork fits into the larger design narrative. We also work with local designers and fabricators as well as much as we can such as Seattle-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, who did several lighting fixtures throughout the hotel.”

While the design is magnificent, the guest experience is just as unique. We tapped the Palladian’s General Manager, Ben Thiele, for an insider’s perspective on the property. including the best beverages and what makes the hotel stand out. Read on, and prepare to book your stay:

Hi Ben! We obviously love the design, but we’re also curious about the experience. What’s one unique thing guests can expect when checking in?
One thing?! Ok, well we have a program called the ‘night cap’. This unique amenity was specifically created to highlight our spirit-forward options from our nightly social hour and Pennyroyal bar. It’s provided to those guests who may be checking well after dinner time but still in need of relaxing fusion of spirits. Various aged spirits selected by our lead bartender and Director of Beverages merge accompanying flavors from our house made tinctures and syrups. Arriving late from a long day of travel or work? Never fret, the Palladian is here to sooth the weary traveler with a sip of our barrel aged night cap.

Cheers to that! What’s the best drink at the bar?
These questions about best, or just one, are nearly impossible to answer! My personal favorite is from the ‘menu’ off the menu. Locals and frequent travelers to the Palladian have been able to explore the exclusive creations by our talented and passionate bar team. The Peppercorn Julep was introduced to me not just a week ago and has risen to the top of my list. Ask for Will and tell him Ben sent you to taste the handcrafted — ha! Sounds fancier when you say it like that, but honestly what else would it be? Whatever it is, it’s not factory crafted, that’s for sure — Peppercorn Julep. As usual, the various elements of this cocktail are made in-house with the exception of the Bainbridge Organic Distilling Battle Point Whiskey.

We can’t wait to try! So, what sets the Palladian apart from other Seattle hotels?
Our story is rooted in Seattle’s history. Our architecture, design, décor and programs truly represent the various elements that speak to Seattle’s development and rise over the last century. As you enter the Palladian, you will be surrounded by portraits of the ‘sons of Seattle’, historical books overlaid with the flowing figure of the Great Pacific Octopus, indigenous plants and color tones reminiscent of the Seattle skies. Blending together antique styled furnishings with modern day comfort, the Palladian looks and feels like a page taken directly from Seattle’s past.

Tell us about the location.
The Palladian is within walking distance to nearly all the major tourist attractions, but is also centered in the historic neighborhood of Belltown. There are many boutiques, bars and restaurants, and music venues. Such close proximity allows our team to point our travelers, whether they are visiting for business or pleasure, to the nearest hotspot.

What do you think is the number one thing to do during your stay at the Palladian?
Traveling is not just about beautiful and unique hotels, it’s about the connectedness of the experience. From the moment you arrive at the Palladian you will experience elements of Pennyroyal and Shaker + Spear throughout the programs in the hotel. If I were to choose just one thing to do during my stay whether it’s for one night or five, I would visit the counter down in Shaker + Spear. Watching Chef Carolynn and Sous Chef Brink artfully create your entrée is by far one of the most enjoyable experiences. Similar to Pennyroyal, you can ask for items off the menu and David Brink will put together a delightful bite prior to presenting your entrée.