The founders of Brisbane’s The Calile Hotel wanted to give visitors a new type of urban hospitality experience, one that would celebrate the city’s nearly perfect year-round climate. Local design firm Richards and Spence crafted a sorbet toned hotel that brings in a resort vibe to the city, inspired by the tropical settings of Miami and Mexico. When so many establishments, with a large business-focused clientele, opt for a more serious and stiff concept, The Calile offers a whimsical and relaxed atmosphere for its guests.

Richards and Spence gave the hotel a contemporary art nouveau concept with soft curved lines, brass accents, and pastel colors. Many of the hard surfaces, such as the bathroom countertops and tables have been made with pink marble. Cork runs along the bottom half of the rooms adding an unexpected textural touch.

The resort feel, though, isn’t limited to its interior. The hotel offers a large 88 ft outdoor pool with a semi-circle sundeck and tropical green parasols to lie under. For those that are looking to indulge in self-care, the spa offers more medical treatments such as facial microdermabrasion and IV vitamin-drips, as well as the typical relaxing treatments such as wraps and massages.

Although trendy bars, shops, and restaurants surround The Calile in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, it will be hard to tear yourself away from the poolside cocktails, Grown Alchemist bath products, or the hotel’s award-winning Greek-fare restaurant Hellenika.