Travel trends now-a-days point to a different point of view when it comes to hotels – no longer is luxury at the center of it all, many of us travel to experience the art of living. The boutique hotel, Zita Brussels, is one example of this new wave in the home away from home concept, where guests experience more than just a comfy bed and a quiet room. Zita serves also as a gallery space, a kitchen to take cooking lessons on vegan and organic dishes, and a haven to get your design fix.

We, like many other modern travelers, love the idea that boutique hotels act as a sort of home away from home – and in some cases, an even nicer one. They allow us to try different design hats on, to enjoy different environments depending on the trip and mood. Zita Brussels for example, is a modern urban cultural oasis, where each room has its own theme – whether you prefer to step into the world of the swinging ’60s of London or discover the mysteries of Africa – all within a clean modern aesthetic.

The common areas are meant to be just that, spaces where you can commune with friends that you are traveling with or with fellow guests to enjoy a delicious organic breakfast at a slow pace. But what really appeals, beyond the delicious food, is the merging of a historic 1920s building with contemporary Belgian design. Many of the furnishings and lighting have been design by Hopop Studio, pieces that have been made from reclaimed materials but with a look that is clean and polished. The hotel’s artistic concept shines through in its avant-garde artwork and contemporary wallpaper, as well as its quirky color palette.

All of this sounds really appealing, and that’s just within the hotel walls. There’s also the whole city of Brussels to discover, which itself is an architectural and cultural gem of a city, not to mention it’s the home of french fries and chocolate.