To call The Audo strictly a hotel would be limiting a greater portion of what it is. The Audo – the acronym of “ab uno disce omnes”, that translates to “from one learn all” – is a multidisciplinary space created for the celebrated Danish design brand Menu. It’s an office (the headquarters of the company), an event space, a café, restaurant, concept store, and hotel. Menu’s founder and CEO, Bjorne Hansen, wanted The Audo to be the convergence of many different things where creatives can experiment, share and get inspired.

Most notably inspired, though, is the interior architecture and design of the space. Menu collaborated with Norm Architects to create the physical space, as well as Nathan Williams, co-founder of the magazine Kinfolk to make sure that the concept was being translated visually and functionally. The architectural firm brought their signature rustic industrial style to the 1918 former fishing tradepost in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn neighborhood. As well as lavish common areas, The Audo features 10 hotel suites that include beds by the luxury Nordic mattress company Dux, St. Leo plastered and painted walls, and solid wood flooring by Dinesen. The hotel’s design, however, will not be static and will change periodically, in line with The Audo’s concept as a center for evolving ideas. Creative or not, you’ll want to experience this new Copenhagen hotspot for yourself.