Down the hill from Sacré-Cœur and only blocks away from the Moulin Rouge sits Pigalle, one of the top nightlife destinations in Paris. A bawdy history as a red-light district, the neighborhood still comes alive at night with dance clubs, late night restaurants, and yes, burlesque. But now, Pigalle is equally as exciting when the sun in shining.

At the heart of it all is Le Pigalle, a hotel that is so much more than a place to spend the night. Unlike many hotels that are designed just for visitors, Le Pigalle is a community space where creative Parisians stop in to chat at the café in the morning and the bar in the evening. The ground floor, which is completely open plan, also boasts a vinyl library, a restaurant, and a newspaper and book kiosk, all run by colorful locals ready to share insights into the neighborhood’s best.

Housed in a 19th century building, much of the original architecture is still intact. The building is part of “Nouvelle Athènse” or “New Athens,” a mix of the neo-classical flourishes of Montmartre and the colorful facades of Place Pigalle, and the redesign embraces the mixed heritage, with Parisian touches including paneled doors, moulding, woodwork and parquet floors but with a significant dash of funk. The 40 guest rooms are each unique, with personal touches and eclectic art collections. Room Pigalle 12’s bunk beds make it perfect for a weekend with friends and can be paired with adjoining rooms to make the party even bigger. Many rooms offer visitors record players along with a curated selection of vinyl. Others offer the opportunity to recover from a night of dancing with a long soak in a clawfoot tub. If you are looking for hotel that retains the charm of historic Parisian but refuses to be stuck in the past, Le Pigalle is your spot in the heart of Paris. See more in the slideshow!