A color palette of saturated blues and reds could have easily resulted in a cacophony of a home, each detail shouting for attention. Instead, this home from Suzanne Childress gently welcomes the viewer in.

Designed for a young couple working in tech in San Francisco, Suzanne wanted to capture their bohemian style, with a little sophistication. She says, “Every project I do is unique because I want to capture the space particular clients are trying to create. These clients were first time home owners, who travel, love music, books, and appreciate art. We wanted to incorporate all of that into their new home.”

A major renovation upstairs created a master suite and Suzanne designed custom cabinetry and furniture throughout the home. While not a complete overhaul of the home, there were a few challenges. For example, the staircase’s unique faux-malachite finish by Caroline Lizarraga was an inspired solution to mismatched flooring. Now it’s one of the home’s most memorable details.

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