After a career in the fashion industry, Timothy Godbold refocused his aesthetic eye on a new industry- interiors. Today he’s sharing a recently completed project in one of the towns he calls home. “The client was a gentleman that I’ve known from Sag Harbor, in his 70s, who I admire and is someone I would want to be at his age,” says Timothy. “He dresses very well in his casual attire, James Perse cashmere sweats and sneakers.” 

Unlike some clients with long wish lists, this client had only one – and Timothy convinced him otherwise! “He didn’t give me any requirements, in fact he handed me the keys and said do what you like I’ll be back in four months,” recalls Timothy. “The only thing he asked for was white sofas, but I suggested otherwise as he has a little dog and I wanted the house to be usable and friendly for him and his grandchildren. I felt it was important that all the fabrics and colors would work and not create anxiety. But I really focused on his tastes when it came to the personality of the house. I channeled a more Californian vibe rather than fussy Hamptons.” 

Timothy names California and specifically Big Sur as his inspiration. “I wanted to keep the palette neutral and wanted the home to have a masculine vibe while still maintaining the client’s footprint that was already prominent throughout the house.” 

The square footage of this home is smaller than many of Timothy’s projects in the Hamptons. He says, “This is the house that I would want live in actually, but the rooms were tiny so I had to really work to make them as functional as possible. As you can see in the living room I pushed the sofa seating against the walls and created a new sectional conducive to entertaining with a relaxed easy vibe. I really love how it turned out.” 

See the whole home in the slideshow!