There are numerous reasons to follow Rosie Case‘s work. She’s been a freelance writer for celebrated magazines such as saratoga living, Celebrity Style, Shape, and Fit Pregnancy, as well as a copywriter for Vogue. As an influencer, she’s known for her knack for finding unique vintage design that can be seen in her stunning drama-filled home in Fort Worth, TX. We sat down with Rosie to find out more about her space.

What a gorgeous home! How would you describe its architecture and is it similar to the other places that you lived in?

Our house is a French chateau-style, built in the mid-90s. I adore the classic lines and symmetry of the exterior. I also love that it doesn’t scream the era in which it was built. It’s somewhat reminiscent of my childhood home (of which I am very fond) with its wrought iron staircase railing and arched doorways. 

With whom do you share your home and how do you spend your time there?

My family of four spends the lion’s share of our time here at home. Lots of bike riding, skateboarding, swimming, and trampoline jumping. Our neighborhood is our entire social life, so we often pull up chairs on one lawn or another and just hang out while the kids play. It’s all very laid back!

Sounds ideal! How long have you been living in your home? Did you renovate it at all or make any changes to the interior?

We’ve been here for six years, and have made a number of changes, with plans for a few more. Before we moved in, the place was a patchwork quilt of flooring and wall treatments ranging from questionable fruit basket murals to black, red, green, and mirrored walls. We replaced the flooring throughout, painted every wall the same color white (Clear Moon by Behr), made over the kitchen, and are currently making over an upstairs bathroom. All of the bathrooms need a little help.

Wow, what a transformation! Clearly those changes paid off. What kind of space did you want to create? What was your inspiration or style that you were going for?

I set out to create an environment that felt sophisticated yet whimsical. I wasn’t necessarily going for one particular style, but rather stayed true to my neutral aesthetic throughout. As a general rule, I’m partial to theatrics and big statements when I envision a space.

We’d love to get a better sense of its layout – how many square feet is it and how is it divided?

The house has two stories, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, comprising about 4800 SF.  The entry hall is open to the second story, with the formal living room and dining room on either side of the front door. Once past the entry, you arrive in the family room with the kitchen open to the right. 

As much as we can love our whole home there’s always a spot that feels special. Which one would you say is your favorite?

My favorite spot is definitely the formal living room (with the two large paintings). I do everything from drink my morning coffee to sipping my evening vino, to chatting with my kids, to writing in there. 

You mentioned that your home has a dose of theatrics. With so many standout pieces, what was your vision for the furnishings and decoration details?

I buy what I like and let the pieces sort themselves out! I’m attracted to sculptural furniture as well as objects, so they’ve all formed their own little party. 

You have a knack for scouting one-of-a-kind vintage finds. Can you tell us about some of your favorite pieces?

I’m very fond of my travertine dining table base, three-foot-tall wooden cobras, black and white Memphis style coffee table, Ello buffet, white serpentine sectional, stuffed fabric cacti…almost everything makes the list because if you only buy what makes your heart beat faster, you ultimately find yourself invariably surrounded by favorites. 

There are many bold moments in your home, which one was a bit of a risk yet turned out amazingly?

I’d say designing the massive curvy floor mirror that I had made for my kitchen dining area. It’s so kooky, but it works well in the space. Or at least I think so!

One of your favorite sources for finding pieces that you love is Chairish. Which are some of your most prized finds there and what do you like about shopping their site?

I have a killer lucite Charles Hollis Jones wing bench and a white Vladimir Kagan sofa, both found on Chairish. The sheer breadth of unique options and the clean, upscale fashion in which they’re presented is reason enough to love them, but having shipping already figured out for the bigger pieces is a no-brainer for me.