Belonging to revered interior designer Vicente Wolf and situated in his New York City loft, this living room has long lived in our collective design consciousness. Rue first debuted Vicent’s magnificent space in our September 2010 premiere issue in a piece titled, The Private Life of a Legend to wild reader success. A room that we’ve gone back to over and over again since then for its clean, airy feel with just the right amount of classically inspired design and global style, we’re debuting our new bimonthly column, “Rooms We Love” with a bang!

When you first walk into Vicente’s home, you’re welcomed by an expansive feel and endless corners of visual gratification…and of course, Mr. Wolf’s signature charm and dashing smile. An avid photography collector (and celebrated photographer himself!), Vicente has a collection fit for the Met. We go crazy for the uniform look he’s created to showcase the pieces by sticking to predominantly black and white prints (our favorite!) in simple frames with clean lines that really let the art steal the show. We could spend hours just staring at the walls!

With glowing white as the room’s backdrop, Vicente masterfully knows that each and every piece of furniture and decor must be able to stand on its own as a piece of art since it can’t hide behind busy wallpaper, wild patterns, or colorful prints. The result is a serene assortment of sitting areas that lack nothing when it comes to sophisticated silhouettes and storied pieces.

But perhaps our favorite element of all is the uniquely placed daybed positioned on a diagonal. We love the unexpected furniture choice and placement for a living room. It would have been much more typical to see a sofa placed parallel to the walls, but instead Vicente reminds us to think outside the box when it comes to design. When you do, you’ll be surprised by endless possibilities of creativity that follows.