We’ve long admired interior designer Vicente Wolf for his designs that embrace simplicity with an eye for detail. In fact, the very first issue of Rue launched with an in-depth profile on Vicente’s style and career. We’ve continued to follow his work and often look to his designs for inspiration. We’re excited that today Vicente is sharing the four things your living room needs to be ready to entertain guests or simply relax at the end of the day. Some require total rewiring while others just need a little rearranging. Have you checked all four off your design to do list?

Dimmers – “This allows you to control the intensity of lighting and create different moods throughout the day.”

Comfortable Seating – “There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home.”

Significant surfaces – “A room should always have a place for drinks and food just in case the party moves from one room to another. Creating different surfaces (coffee table, stack of books, ottoman, etc.) makes the room more cozy and approachable.”

Interchangeable accessories – “I love to create different looks per season and the best way to achieve this is by changing your pillow covers from a pattern to a bright solid. This gives your living space a lift without breaking the bank.”

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