Jordan Fronk, founder of Austin’s FRONKS Nut Milks, purchased her home as a newlywed nearly 15 years ago. The house is located in Travis Country, a beautiful neighborhood which backs up to the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It’s where first she started her business — first selling right from their kitchen to friends and family before eventually moving the operation to a commercial space. The house has seen the couple through many changes — they’re now parents to two young kids — and hadn’t been updated in awhile.

The bathrooms in particular were in need of a refresh, so Jordan brought on designer Avery Cox. “The bathrooms were in working order but hadn’t really been updated aside from a coat of paint since the house was built,” Avery shares. “Jordan and her husband Chris were really hoping I could refresh the palettes, increase functionality, and create spaces that gave them the respite and rejuvenation they needed to power their lives. I wanted to inject the spaces with the joy, vibrancy, and cool factor that their personalities reflect.”

In the master bedroom, Avery’s goal was to create a space that felt restful and restorative. To do this, she minimized visual clutter and utilized a soothing color palette. “What was nice about this room was that there were so many original convenience and budget driven design decisions that were easy to correct,” the designer explains. “The multi-leveled asymmetrical vanity, acrylic built-in tub, and bland builder grade floor tile had to go. We also knew right away we wanted to remove a linen closet that had been shoved in the corner and was taking up valuable floor space.” Avery reallocated that storage space to the custom vanity and redesigned master closet, and was also able to increase the size of the shower and install a freestanding tub. “Lastly, by introducing some beautiful textiles in the form of window treatments and an upholstered bench seat, and creating contrast through the material choices and paint colors I was able to finally give the room the dimension and texture it needed to visually expand and live more like a furnished living space,” Avery says.

In the small powder room, a playful wallpaper brings a punch of color and pattern to the space. “Luckily my go to local resource, Supply Showroom, has the best selection for wallpaper and fabric, and when I saw this Abigail Borg wallpaper I knew it was the one,” Avery recalls. “It has just the right amount of softness, is fresh, lively, and modern- all the things I also see reflected in Jordan’s brand- it was perfect.” To complement the wallpaper, a bold Sarah Balineum mirror hangs above the pedestal sink. The scale of the floral pattern alongside the shape of the mirror play off each other in a fun way, while the ceiling is painted minty green to match the paper. “It’s not a hallmark of the design, but a fun little Easter egg for when someone looks up,” Avery smiles.

For the kids bathroom, Avery livened things up by replacing all the beige, builder-grade finishes. She sourced inexpensive colored tile and installed it in contrasting stripes, an unexpected and budget-friendly solution. “The trick to this room was scale; the oversize marble backsplash made the ceilings feel so much taller, as did putting the vanity up on legs and filling the whole wall. The large cabana stripes in the shower and the deep warmth of the wood front vanity made the room feel so much more substantial. Add in a vibrant rug and plenty of hooks for bathing suits, and this bathroom was ready for summer fun.”

Avery says she’s not surprised that most of her favorite details revolve around color, which can be intimidating to clients. “I think any time I suggest bold color moves, clients can feel a bit apprehensive and start questioning, ‘will I get sick of it,’ ‘will it feel dated?’ Jordan was not that way. Each time I proposed something bold and unique, she and Chris were all for it, knowing that those were the elements that would have the greatest impact and make their spaces feel truly custom.”

The project was split into phases, assuring there’d be a functioning bathroom at all times. “In this business there are always issues that come up and there are also some jobs that just keep running into obstacles,” Avery recalls. “Phase 1 of this project was like that, and it was a true test of everyone’s patience to get to the finish line. Frustrating as it all was, I feel so lucky to have had to opportunity to design for such a kind and gracious family whose ability to roll with the punches still amazes me. Because of that, the whole team put so much effort in to making sure this project was a success.”