Nestled in the town of Seabrook, WA – close to where they filmed the Twilight movies! – you’ll find one of the Novogratz’s many stunning design projects. We toured the 5,000 square-foot home for our latest issue, and the space is filled with bold colors, fun artwork, and plenty of that Novogratz charm. However, what really struck us was the beautiful kitchen and dining area.

Though color can be daunting, this space proves that it’s all about balance. The kitchen is mostly white – subway tiles, mismatched pendants, and open shelving keep everything feeling neutral and monochromatic. However, pops of color and personality are scattered throughout. And then, there’s that “wow moment” we’ve come to expect from anything Novogratz. In this case, it’s the mismatched chairs in violet, emerald, and turquoise.

Moving into the dining room, we’re again impressed with the use of color. In most homes, a chartreuse wall would seem like a daring decision that you’d later regret. However in this example, the color just couldn’t be better. Dark Roman shades break up the bold hue while the windows show off the surrounding landscape. Around the dining table, you’ll find seating for 8 in the form of the Novogratzes’ own Stick Around Chair (available at CB2). As Cortney describes it, you “need great pieces that stand as the foundation for your color expression.”

The Pacific Northwest gets a bad rap for gray, wet weather. Luckily, this design duo knew just how to bring the sunshine.

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