Kyla Herbes from House of Hipsters and Joanna Hawley from Jojotastic have been virtual friends for years, sharing a passion for great design despite being about 2,000 miles apart. They finally met IRL — in real life — at the Decorist Seattle Showhouse, and immediately bonded over a few cocktails and the excitement of their new home purchases.

After seeing what Decorist virtually designed in Seattle, the two realized that, as new homeowners, Decorist was the ticket to transforming the spaces from real estate listings and cardboard boxes to dream homes. They both could work with Decorist designers — filling out online questionnaires regarding style preferences and budget, giving the designers just what they need to create virtual design boards and shopping lists. A dream!

To make things a little interesting, they wanted to get YOU involved. The duo will be posting the entire process on their respective blogs, and their readers will choose the final design. We have to be honest — this is going to be fascinating to watch, as the pair and their homes are sort of polar opposites. Here’s the specs:

Joanna bought a 640 square foot bungalow. Built in 1908, her home is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. This is an up and coming area, and many developers are choosing to tear down old homes in favor of sleek, modern condos. Joanna wants to preserve a bit of history while bringing in her signature bohemian style.

Kyla’s home is a 5,300 square foot Colonial in a quiet, wooded suburb of Chicago. She’s wanting the sprawling space to be “hollywood regency meets farmhouse chic meets mid century boho”, which Decorist has assured her is a thing.

Each blogger will receive two sets of moodboards — one set for Joanna’s living room, one set for Kyla’s. Then, we’ll all cast our ballots on which look is best for each blogger. The winning moodboards will be the chosen design. (And in a tense election year, this kind of voting sounds pretty approachable.)

We’re so excited about this concept that we’ll be covering the process along the way — featuring behind-the-scenes images, interviews, and more.

For more information — including some pretty funky before photos — head to Joanna’s blog here and Kyla’s blog here. May the best room win!