Locations like the Hamptons have a well-established tradition of aesthetics for homes: the faded gray-toned shingles, the screen porches, and classic beach decor. It’s a look that is iconic. However, for this NYC family, the rules could be broken and their love of Scandinavian style could be infused with the New England architecture of Amagansett. They reached out to Chelsie Lee of JHID to bring in a cheerful Nordic aesthetic to their beach home.

Pale hardwood floors, bright white ceiling, and walls, and mid-century furniture all come together to create this calming and optimistic house. Today, we’re breaking down the look of this living room to help you to achieve its style:

  1. Select warm whites and light tones: there are three different architectural elements here creating that clean and bright Scandi style. At the ground level, the warm ash flooring with a slight yellow tone, the crisp white walls, and the whitewashed vaulted ceiling – all operate together to create a textured light backdrop.
  2. Iconic Scandinavian pieces operate as a second foundational layer: Hans Wegner’s PP130 Circle Chair and Sawbuck Chair are two Nordic classics that give context to this living room: with such iconic pieces, you are grounding its design in Scandinavia’s mid-century tradition.
  3. Woven textures bring in warm: when working with a space that is so light in tone it’s important to bring in texture to give it warmth, in this case, achieved by including pillows from Minna and a solid woven area rug.

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