Interior designer Patrick Ediger has long understood that what’s on the walls can make a room as much as what is inside of them. Early in his career Patrick was a custom wall painter, which lead to an interest in interior design. Now his custom wall patterns are available through his wallpaper company, French American Wallpaper. See two of his favorite projects as well as several of French American Wallpaper’s patterns in the slideshow!

How has your background in creating custom wall finishes informed your wallpaper line?
Right after college, in my early 20s before I moved to Los Angeles – before I even knew what I wanted to do with my life – I spent about four years working as a custom wall painter, creating and developing several different methods of unique textural finishes, venetian plaster and the like. It really was the birth of my career as both a custom pattern maker and entrepreneur. Working with designers and furniture makers during this time in my life drove me to become an interior designer and later a wallpaper and pattern designer. In these early days I created several subtle techniques that I still use today in my wallpaper line.

The evolution from each part of my career to the next has been a very natural progression of creativity, each previous step informing and fostering the next. Interior design is my true love and pattern (wallpaper) design is just another expression of that love and desire to make beautiful, useful things for the home.

What is unique about French American Wallpaper’s custom services?
French American was created as a direct result of my desire to make fully customizable spaces for my clients. It’s pretty easy to customize furniture but I wanted to create fully immersive spaces that reflected all aspects of my interior design and truly expressed the personality of my clients. That desire in turn became the impetus to launch French American Wallpaper, whose catalog of pattern options serve as jumping-off points for our clients. We then take the base pattern and alter its scale, layout, color, and geometry to really tailor each installation to its unique space. We also create one-of-a-kind murals and custom designs for special clients for whom nothing short of original will do.