Our Market Editor, Victoria de la Camara, will be sharing the renovation process of her new home outside of Madrid, Spain, over the next couple of months. Follow along to learn about all the details that went into this project as well as the lessons learned. For more in-depth information, check out our Instagram Stories dedicated to this renovation.

Open up the pages of your favorite home decorating magazines and you’re sure to see beautifully crafted spaces by either the homeowners themselves or professional interior designers, that talk about how it all came together seamlessly and that the space is a dream. After over 10 years working in the design industry, including a degree in interior design, nothing prepared me for the year-long shittsunami that was our renovation. (There will be a separate article on that, but for the meantime, you can find out more in our Instagram Stories.)

I had a clear idea that I wanted to honor the 1920s architectural bones of our newly-purchased 1000 square-foot apartment, that had been hidden under strange and poor-quality design choices from the ’70s. I also knew that we weren’t going to take out any walls – although a galley kitchen isn’t what I had always dreamed of (after all, I fall into the category of kitchen island lovers), it felt appropriate.

The last thing I knew without a shadow of a doubt before I started renovations is that I wanted natural stone countertops – for that, I turned to Levantina, a Spanish-based global company (they have five stone centers in the US). After visiting their location in Madrid, I fell in love with their Super White marble – its bluish-gray tone with graphic veining gave it a stand-out quality. Not to mention that I have cooked every day on them since we moved in and have yet to experience any staining or etching, even though we love to add lime to our evening cocktails.

We purchased our home in March, 2019 and moved in exactly a year later. Our kitchen was an integral part of the gut renovation that we took on. It was thrilling to see a design that I had sketched on paper come to life, and when our Super White countertops finally were installed (I say, “finally” because our carpenter delayed the installation of our kitchen cabinets by four months) it was the day that our “space” felt more like a home. Head to the slideshow to see the before images, as well as the details of our finalized kitchen!