Our Market Editor, Victoria de la Camara, has been taking us through her apartment’s renovation in a town called San Lorenzo de El Escorial, outside of Madrid, Spain. Here, she shares details about both of her home’s bathroom transformations. You can see the full home tour here and the kitchen before-and-after here.

Something that many real estate agents will tell you is that it will be unlikely that you will get everything on your wishlist when you’re looking for a new home. In our case, our 1,110 square-foot apartment in the charming medieval town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, just 40 minutes outside of Madrid, met most of our criteria – it had historical bones, gorgeous outdoor spaces, three bedrooms, and plenty of light. What it didn’t have were spacious bathrooms.

Our guest bathroom wasn’t too bad; at 43 square feet and a large window, it allowed for a spacious shower and vanity. Our en-suite bathroom in our main bedroom, though, was another story. As you can see in the “before” images, it was minuscule: at 26 square feet, you could barely do anything in it. The door opened into the space hitting the old and dilapidated vanity. It felt dark and gross.

As I mentioned in the article about our whole home’s transformation, we didn’t move any walls and kept the layout the same. But in reality that’s not entirely true, we did move one: the wall that separated the en-suite bathroom from our main bedroom was moved outward 7.8 inches. Although our main bedroom was also on the smaller side, we could stand to lose a small part of that lateral space. It may seem trivial, but 7.8 inches makes a big difference. It allowed for a vanity to neatly tuck on one side of the door without sticking out and gave extra space in the shower to get in and out.

For both bathrooms, we were inspired by the fact that our home was originally built in the 1920s. The windows themselves fit in with that classic style. I wanted our bathrooms to feel clean, bright, and contemporary, while also paying tribute to that classic ’20s glamour. Both bathrooms would have very similar materials to create a sense of cohesion in our 1,100 square-foot home. There would be minor differences, but the overall concept would be the same.

Our first selections were our bathroom fixtures. As an editor, I am able to be introduced to so many great brands on the market, giving me insider knowledge when it was time to do my own home. Given that we wanted to put only the absolute best materials into our bathrooms, in spite of their size, Fantini was our immediate choice. They had collaborated with one of my favorite architects and designers, Vincent Van Duysen on the Icona Classic and the Icona Deco collections. The pieces were exactly what we had envisioned – inspired by classic bathroom fixtures with a modern profile. It was an instant attraction, and they soon became the starting off point for the rest of the design.

Head to the slideshow as I take you through our two bathrooms’ transformation.