When designer Ashley Scott of Scout Modern shared images of her home, there were two things we couldn’t stop swooning over. The first is the adorable 1913 Craftsman, built by famed architect David Renton and located in the Bungalow Heaven neighborhood of Pasadena. (The neighborhood is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the first of its kind in Pasadena! In total, there are over 800 homes built in the Arts & Crafts era of the 20th century and its designated as one of the “10 great places in America” by the APA.)

The second thing we absolutely loved were the adorable bedrooms she has designed – the master as well as the bedroom her kids share. We had to learn more!

What Ashley says about MAMA’s BEDROOM:

“I think it’s really important to have quiet spaces within your own home. Of course your whole home is a haven to some degree, but there is something about keeping bedrooms exclusively for relaxation and a space to practice being in the quiet that really speaks to me. I have a “no TV in the bedroom” rule which helps keep the space in line with unwinding, quiet time, and self care.

To tie in the feeling of relaxation, I put together a few key vintage pieces to make it feel cozy and lived in, all of the colors were drawn from nature (blues, whites, warm woods and fresh greenery) and then I mixed in some metallic accents to add a little something special. The overarching inspiration is coastal California. It’s a space that really feels like me – easy going with a splash of fun. It makes me feel at peace, inspired and grateful when I look around at all of the beautiful things I’ve collected and curated in the past that now live in this room.”

What Ashley says about MINIs’ BEDROOM:

“Since my kids share a room, I wanted it to work for both of them. By focusing on fun patterns, happy colors and natural textures it all came together as a gender neutral kids room that they both love to be in.

So many of their precious childhood memories will take place in this house, and in this room, and it was important to me to put in the time to make it a happy space that they loved to share and be together in.

Another focus was storage. Kids have toys – LOTS of toys – so I wanted to make sure there was a way for this Mama to quickly pick-up after them (and eventually teach them to do it too), while keeping the integrity of the room. With woven baskets in that open storage piece between their beds it works well and is so easy to tidy!”