Lori Paranjape is a talented designer based in Franklin, Tennessee. She’s known for her keen attention to detail and willingness to bring “dream homes” into reality. At Redo Home & Design, a firm that specializes in luxury new construction, Lori has found a roster of fabulous clients that let her work magic on the daily. She explains, “I adore the opportunity to collaborate in the architecture phase, project manage the design throughout the construction, then furnish the space when complete.” Today, Lori is showing off an impressively sleek kitchen with sky-high ceilings. The inviting space has a hint of shabby-chic and as far as we’re concerned, totally defines #kitchengoals.

Hi Lori! This kitchen is absolutely stunning. What can you tell us about the clients?
This project was new construction, and I have been working with the clients since the architecture phase. This house was a huge upgrade for them… their first house was 2000 sqft and this one is 10,000 sqft. Our primary goal was to make this house feel cozy and casual and not just big. They wanted a timeless home with a clean, fresh palette.

Since its a new construction, you were really given creative freedom!
We configured this kitchen in every possible way during the drawing process. Two islands, swapping placement on fridge and range, open shelving versus closed cabinetry… lots of options, but we are all thrilled with the final decisions.

Did you encounter any challenges along the way?
It sounds like a good problem to have (and it is!) but the ceilings in this kitchen are 11′. With that height, upper cabinets would be inaccessible… but I prefer the polish of cabinets that stretch to the crown molding. As a problem solver, we had our custom cabinet maker create a frieze (a blank panel) for each column, so we have a polished header and no unusable cabinets.

Such a smart solution. Design obviously comes naturally to you! Tell us – why do you love this industry?
Design for me is very personal; very intimate. My process begins by knowing and understanding the client. Without the personal interaction, I’m lost. I must know who they are, how they live, how they intend to use the space and then begin to design a home around that idea. I like to think of my work as a reflection of the client. I help them build a home that is a polished, sophisticated, very best version of themselves. It is an incredible honor to be trusted to create a space for a family to live.

We’d trust you to create a space for us any day!

To get a closer look at the space, start the slideshow. To learn more about Lori and the team at Redo Home & Design, click here.