Over the last couple of months, we’ve been sharing the progress of the Decorist DesignOff — a friendly design competition between bloggers Joanna Hawley (of Jojotastic) and Kyla Herbes (of House of Hipsters). We shared the initial details of each space, the moodboards created by each gal’s Decorist designer, the final designs and 3D renderings, and now… the grand reveal! In the slideshow, you’ll see the final images from Joanna’s Seattle bungalow and Kyla’s Chicago Colonial. Both, so cool. Honestly, we don’t know how there could be a winner?!

Not only are we showing off each room, we also chatted with the ladies behind the homes to see what this whole crazy process was like:

What was your favorite thing about the Decorist Design Off?
JOANNA: What I enjoyed the most was having one-on-one design advice from [Decorist Designer] Jessica. She really helped me to better understand my personal style and how to translate that into my first home. She also was able to ‘set the tone’ for the rest of my home renovation by choosing colors, textures, and materials that will be carried throughout.

KYLA: I love how personable the whole process is. Decorist really took the time to match me with an interior designer whose style matched mine. I also love how [Decorist Head of Design] Ashley stayed within my budget and was able to incorporate existing pieces I owned along with new.

What was the “a-ha” moment in the process, where you got really excited and/or felt the project coming to life?
JOANNA: This came really early on for me! It was when I had 4 different options of navy blue paint on my wall and 7 shades of white. That’s when it became real — I was officially painting the first room in my first house! And not just any color, but a bold, rich, positively gorgeous shade of blue!

KYLA: Oh man, when I received the 2 mood boards in my inbox. You have anticipation, nerves, excitement, giddiness all rolled into one…not really know what to expect, you know? It’s a complete mystery. Kinda like you’re 6 years old on Christmas morning again.

Then that same excitement happens all over again when the room itself starts to transform and new pieces arrive on your doorstep. Even if it’s a small vase or candle, you know right where it’s supposed to be placed. Once it’s there, it’s perfection. You just sit in the room and think, “Gosh, I live here!”

Is there anything you would have done differently?
JOANNA: I think I should have trusted Jessica even more! I was a bit concerned about the cowhide rug, but she was totally spot on with that addition to the dining room. Everything about it is totally perfect for the space and I should never have questioned her pick!

KYLA: “You know, the room is so perfect as is; I can’t imagine it any other way. But if I could do anything differently, I’d fly Ashley to Chicago so I could give her a big hug in person. She really is an incredible interior designer, and I’m so thankful we were teamed up together not just once but twice. When you do a project like this, even though it’s virtual, there’s a bond or friendship that forms. She will always be part of my moving in process to my forever home, and for that I’ll be forever thankful.”

So readers, now we ask you. Which room do you love most?!

For a closer look, including links to ALL product sources, visit Joanna’s blog here or Kyla’s blog here.