You might already be familiar with Jessie De Lowe through her gorgeous lifestyle and wellness blog How You Glow. As a yoga instructor and therapist, her home philosophy is all about creating a space you feel comfortable in. “We have little control over the outside world, yet our home environment is almost entirely up to us,” she said. When she found out she was pregnant she wanted to convert her lackluster guest bedroom into a nursery. She decided to use Laurel & Wolf, an online design service to complete the task, with Ryen Conley as her personal designer.

“The room is a bit narrow, so figuring out how to make it feel spacious was tough,” she explained. Ryen suggested a completely different configuration for the room, placing the Sparrow Crib by Oeuf (her favorite piece) in front of the window and the bed lengthwise in the back of the room. “It gave us so much more space, completely opening up the room.”

Since Jessie wanted a bright, happy and natural nursery, Ryen kept the foundation neutral. “Having a neutral color palette will allow you to re-decorate the room as the needs of your baby, toddler and young child evolve over time,” she advised. Bright colored global inspired accessories were then added to add a little boho vibe to the space. The copper and rope 3-tier hanging basket normally reserved for kitchen use was an ingenious repurposed piece to store anything from diapers to toys. Wooden accents, indigo textiles, and woven wall hangings bring in a natural boho look to the clean room.

“We are lucky that the nursery gets the most sunshine out of any room in the house. One side is all windows, so the trees outside add an uplifting dose of nature and greenery,” Jessie shared. “It truly feels so happy in there, there is definitely some magic glow in the air!”