Caitlin Flemming, of the hit design blog Sacramento Street, has had a pretty monumental few years. From leaving her job to launch her own design firm to earning countless opportunities (like this beautiful project with CB2), she’s made a name for herself and stayed true to her signature style every step of the way. This winter she began her most exciting venture yet – motherhood. On December 15, she welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Jackson to the world. Before Jackson arrived, Caitlin wanted to make sure he would have his own space in her San Francisco home. Armed with her signature neutrals and a touch of blue, Caitlin got to work designing a dream nursery. The space is whimsical and chic, yet still fully functional. We took a tour of the calming space – and snagged Caitlin’s new mom “must-haves” along the way:

The nursery is adorable. Tell us a little about the space!
Jackson’s nursery was originally my cousin’s bedroom when she lived with us. It was briefly a guest room and now it has evolved into the nursery. Jackson is my first child so everything was new to me!

You work with a lot of interior design clients. Had you ever designed a nursery before?
I have designed several nurseries for clients. I like to design nurseries that an adult would also enjoy spending time in. I also prefer the nursery to flow with the other rooms in a house.

That’s so important! What was your initial inspiration or vision for the space?
I envisioned a peaceful oasis. I wanted a room that would connect to the other rooms of my house but also be unique. I painted the walls a soft gray (Farrow & Ball – Corn Forth White) which differed from the white walls in the remainder of the house. My vision for the room began with the blue Turkish rug I bought. This helped to inform my other decisions. Then I turned to Serena & Lily’s Design Shop to help shape the rest of the room.

Did it turn out how you had originally expected, or did you have to make changes along the way?
I did make changes along the way. Originally, I had planned to keep the guest bed in the room. However, it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t enough room. I swapped that idea for a low bench with a cushion and pillows that is kid friendly but also convenient for adults. This allowed for more space to bring in the glider, crib, and changing table.

You stayed true to your signature style. Did you find that difficult since it was a nursery?
This project was a labor of love and it all fell into place with ease. I definitely had the domestic side of me come out when I was pregnant. I was canning jams, pickles, and tomatoes, as well as trying to complete the nursery. I was cleaning out closets and organizing every inch of my home, along with making sure the nursery was done before he arrived. I found that it was a little bit harder to design the nursery than other parts of my home because I wanted it to have a reflection of my aesthetic but also be kid-friendly. 

What was your favorite part of the process?
A nursery has all of the must-haves for a baby’s room – crib, changing table, chest of drawers. But when designing the nursery I thought about how it would evolve with time. Within a few years he will be a toddler and the needs of the room will change. That’s why I purposefully chose items that can change over time. For example, the changing tray can be removed from the dresser and it becomes a stunning chest of drawers. The baskets filled with receiving blankets can also function for storing toys. If you think ahead, you can buy items that serve several functions.

Any design challenges you encountered?
The room itself has two doors as well as the closet door. This diminished the wall space I could actually use.

What products or pieces do you feel made the space?
There are so many. I love the handmade rug, the floor-to-ceiling curtains, the changing table, the crib, and the floor lamp. Having a glider in the room also makes the space so comfortable.

Finally, what excites you most about the nursery?
I love that I was able to create an unique space with the original artwork by Emily Proud above the crib, a vintage rug, and the pieces friends and family made for Jackson. The blue and white quilt my mother in law lovingly created is one of my favorite pieces. I now have a room I love spending time in!

1. Earth Mama Nipple Butter: “Every new mama needs this nipple butter. Something I never thought I’d use but it has been a life saver!”
2. Boom Lawn Drying Rack: “We don’t have a dishwasher, so we use this daily for our bottles to air dry on.”
3. Boppy Pillow: “Not sure what I would do without this for breastfeeding and for play time. It’s a must have!”
4. Aden + Anais Twinkle Gift Set: “Before he came I thought we had too many of these Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. Boy was I wrong! We use them for everything.”
5. Baby Day by Day: “A girlfriend gifted this book to me. It goes through what you can expect from your baby week by week. It’s been helpful when I have questions about tummy time, or feeding, or whether he’s going through a growth spurt.”
6. Numpfer Blanket: “This is one of the softest blankets – I wish they made crib sheets because of the softness.”
7. Travel Mobile: “Jackson loves this Wimmer- Ferguson mobile in his carseat. The reversible cards display black and white graphics on one side, color images on the other, so that they can be flipped.”
8. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier: “From week two we’ve been carrying Jackson around in the baby carrier. I love that it has great back support but is also all black with no labels. He instantly falls asleep when we walk out the door.”
9. Medela Freestyle Pump: “I’ve been pumping since the beginning. This small scale pump is nice because I’m able bring it with me just about anywhere.”
10. Kissy Kissy Onesie: “These onesies are so incredibly soft. We only have a few and they are definitely our go-to when changing him into a new outfit.”