When Caitlin Flemming designed her first nursery for her son Jackson, we shared the space here on Rue. The serene room became one of our most popular posts… ever. So when we found out the designer was expecting her second child, we knew the space would be just as beautiful as the first. This nursery, designed for her sweet daughter Amelia, was inspired by Caitlin’s own upbringing in Mexico City. She started with a beautiful gray otomi artwork from St. Frank, and everything else fell beautifully into place. We’re chatting with Caitlin to learn more:

This is your second child and second nursery! Did you have a different approach when designing this space?
I went about designing Amelia’s room in a similar way to Jackson’s – I always like to start with one special item (in this case, the wall hanging) and then go from there. I was able to use the rocker from Jackson’s room but needed everything else. I actually chose the exact same style dresser I had used in his room. In the future, they might look great as bedside tables in one of their rooms. I even considered doing her room in blue but when I found the gray otomi I went with the more neutral tones.

Could you tell me a bit about the products you used? Any favorites?
I chose items that can have more than one purpose. I’ve realized how fast kids can grow and change – their room has to do the same. The changing table can become a chest of drawers in any room in the house. The rug doesn’t scream baby and again, it can work in a variety of rooms. The artwork – the Sally King Benedict ink drawing and the otomi artwork, I would be happy to have in my living room! I love both of them. Another favorite of Amelia’s is to gaze at her lamb mobile from Pehr Designs. 

Were there any challenges when designing this space?
This room is filled with challenges. It’s only 8’ x 10’ and it serves as a walk-through to Jackson’s room. I knew we needed to keep it simple and have the middle area of the room clear for us to get through (or in Jackson’s case – run through). There is a full wall of windows, and two of the other walls have doors, so there was really only one wall for the crib. I’m thrilled with the way it turned out. Choosing a rug that covers almost the entire space, helps to keep it more cohesive and less choppy. I’m a bit of a minimalist, so I don’t buy a lot of bells and whistles for my kids.

What do you love most about the space?
What I love most about the space, is just how peaceful it feels. It might be a walk-through to Jackson’s room, but it is just so serene. I love sitting in the chair with sweet Amelia in my arms. It’s a quiet reprieve from our usual hustle & bustle lives.