When Berkeley Minkhorst and Kelley Lentini, the design duo behind House of Nomad, were hired by a young family to update their new townhouse, one of the rooms on the list was their daughter’s bedroom. The young girl is full of personality and wanted to create a space that reflected her love of pink, animals and sleepovers. (Cute!!) Fortunately, both the designers and her parents were 100% on board with her vision. House of Nomad tells us more:

Tell us a bit about this space. What were the requirements for the room?
“Our goal was to make this room bright and happy and fun, reflecting the charm and personality of this 6-year old girl! They are a very stylish, young family so we wanted it to be an on-trend space — something that she would personally love, and so would the entire family.” —Berkeley Minkhorst

“With cousins in town, she just loves sleepovers, so twin beds were a must for this space. We love designing with two twin beds as opposed to a bunk bed for kids because they can grow into them and they’re more versatile.” —Kelley Lentini

“When asked what her favorite colors were, she replied with, “Shocking pink and turquoise!” — which we loved! She also told us how much she loved animals. We made sure all three of these categories were well represented, so she felt at home at her space. ” —Berkeley

What was the starting point for the design of the room?
“The mural for sure! When we found out that she loved pink and teal as well as animals — our wheels started turning.We love all these things too! We kept thinking accent wall and when we saw this mural from Anthropologie, it checked all the boxes! It has that perfect painterly feel, as well, which incorporates her love for crafts.” —Berkeley

Once you had the initial design vision, what was next? Any pieces you felt made the space?
“The next thing that inspired us is the hanging pendant light fixture in between the two twins! It’s a Justina Blakeney for Selamat pendant and couldn’t be more adorable. It’s perfect because it was able to go in between the two beds, it added texture to the wall — and she loves to read so it was the perfect way to give her a playful reading light that’s full of personality.” —Kelley

“Once we had the accent wall and light fixture selected everything else was able to come together seamlessly.” —Berkeley

How did you work with both the parents and their daughter to make sure it was a space that everyone loved?
“We love to incorporate our mini-clients into the design process, so we presented to both her and her parents at the same time. We had fabric options for her to pick from, which she just loved. We always make sure our selections for little clients are safe mixes, so that no matter what she picked, it would flow beautifully. She picked her mudcloth ottoman fabric, the fabric for her custom headboard and her drapery.” —Berkeley

“Because the mural is really the showcase of her space, we designed the room making sure nothing competed with it. Our little client did well selecting the fun but muted mudcloth ottoman fabric and a solid-toned bed! Layering texture is always important, and texture came in with the Pom Poms we strung on the window that we brought back from our Mexico sourcing trip and in the light fixture.”—Kelley