At first it just looks like a very chic building, with a cafe bar at the entrance, and a grand staircase to what you’d think would be normal apartments. But it’s not. El Imparcial is Madrid’s newest and trendiest restaurant, where all sorts of people come to enjoy a few tapas, glasses of wine, and most importantly – an insanely stylish atmosphere. Located in the bohemian neighborhood of La Latina, it certainly doesn’t have the same vibe as the rest of the locales in the area, and if you didn’t have insider knowledge or you didn’t pass by that street often, you probably wouldn’t even know to go there. It’s a place that even many locals have yet to discover.

This restaurant is just one of many places with great design that have popped up in Madrid over the years. Barcelona, for decades if not a century, has been known as the artistic, trendy city of Spain, but the country’s capital is soon catching up. With so many buildings with beautiful original architecture there’s a lot to be exploited in Madrid. In the El Imparcial’s case, its previous life was as the headquarters of a liberal newspaper by the same name that closed down in 1933. It then had a somewhat strange series of new identities in the form of x-rated movie theaters and cheap-looking cafes. You can see here what it used to look like before the group of promoters and investors worked with Madrid in Love Studio to convert it into a trendy restaurant.

The highlights of the space are its edgy brass and white lighting (whether in the form of sconces or pendants), which at night gives off an alluring glow. The artfully shabby plastered walls are of a beautiful peach tone, playing with the concept of varying neutral tones. The main bar is just one this slab of gorgeous carrara marble, and the architecture of the building itself is something out of a 19th century novel. But what you would think would be a very stuffy, who’s-who type of place, in reality has a cool down to earth vibe, where it’s all about enjoying flavorful tapas and a few drinks with a group of friends.