For many interior designers, their homes are the ultimate project. Oftentimes, they say designers are their own toughest client! Not to mention, a designer’s own living space is a crucial portfolio piece. Such is the case with Bay Area designer, Lauren Nelson, and a very important room in her house. The first floor bathroom needs to be practical: “This is our main bath, and it’s a workhorse bathroom. My husband and I share it with our 2 girls (age 1 and 3),” she explains. And it needs to look good: “It’s the bathroom guests use as well,” she says. “So it has to be beautiful!” Sounds like Lauren’s ready to renovate!

The bathroom can’t function without a tub for the kids and a shower for the adults, and it needs to utilize space efficiently and offer lots of storage, as it’s not particularly large. After partnering with Kohler and checking out their design inspiration hub IDEAS, Lauren’s going to create her dream bathroom – a spot that will work well for her family, and that speaks to her own personal design aesthetic.

For those who don’t know, Lauren’s California-cool style is the perfect blend of old and new. “Aesthetically, we wanted to have a bathroom that felt timeless, but that felt unique in the finishes,” she explains. “I wanted the bathroom to have a certain tactile quality to it… organic texture with modern clean lines. Part Scandinavian, part Moroccan. I’m always drawn to bathrooms that are able to blend tradition with modern design.” Luckily, Kohler has a lot of stylish options that fit the bill.

Lauren says, “I love the clean, minimalist design of Kohler’s Tea for Two Drop In Tub – my husband and I love taking baths too!” This tub will balance nicely with the subtle Herringbone pattern on the new Artist Editions Sartorial bathroom sink in the Caxton Under-Mount shape. The pattern embodies the refined elegance of 19th-century European textiles. Lauren’s also selected fairly traditional fixtures from the Kohler Artifacts ® collection. This collection allows you to coordinate faucets, accessories, showering, and finishes to express personal style – and they’re incredibly durable, which is so crucial when selecting pieces that will get a lot of use! In this renovation, she’ll be using the Artifacts® Bell bathroom sink spout, bathroom sink lever handles, 2.5 gpm single-function showerhead (which has Katalyst® air-induction spray), the 2.0 gpm single-function handshower, and the Kohler Kathryn® Comfort Height® one-piece compact elongated 1.28 gpf toilet with AquaPiston® flush technology and concealed trapway. For the finish, Lauren explains, “I chose Vibrant Polished Nickel because it has a warmth and richness to it, versus cooler chrome. I also love that Polished Nickel harks back to the classic look of the fixtures themselves.”

Lauren plans to keep the overall color palette muted and subtle — opting for timeless-over-trendy — but will add enough contrast to keep the eye engaged. With a smile, she says “I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!” Honestly, we can’t either! Stay tuned as we share the progress of the renovation, right here on Rue.

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