A couple of weeks ago we wrote about The Woodhouse Lodge that featured Alberene Soapstone countertops by Polycor and dark charcoal cabinets painted with “Nightclub” by Behr. As soon as we saw it, we fell in love. Which led us to consider that perhaps charcoal kitchens are the latest trend that we see becoming a classic.

Perhaps it’s because it evokes the actual material charcoal, previously used in kitchens (feels appropriate), or perhaps it’s because it’s a color that makes everything glow under the right lighting. There’s an undeniable sexiness that a dark kitchen evokes, that we’re on board with. What you’ll see in our slideshow, though, is that a charcoal kitchen isn’t present in just one style but works well with all styles: shaker, modern, industrial, traditional, Belgian…Whatever’s your cup of tea, consider a dose of charcoal to make it feel a little edgy.

Click on our slideshow to see some of our favorite examples.