When designer Edyta Czajkowska was hired to redesign this living room, it was largely a tall beige box, ready to be filled with personality. “They wanted the design of their home to bring to life their love of color and modern art—and lucky for me, they already had an amazing collection of it,” says Edyta, “Our goal was to create a space that was comfortable, functional, and aligned with the style of the home’s architecture and decor.”

As both Edyta and the homeowners love bright and bold colors, they selected purple as the room’s cornerstone, first selecting the purple textiles and letting the rest of the design unfold as the space developed. Given the room’s large size and double-height ceiling, Edyta says her goal was to keep the space feeling light, bright, and modern. “In large spaces it’s key to create balance, and I think we achieved it beautifully here.”

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