When Tom McElroy started this kitchen renovation, his first goal was to open up the space and connect it to the rest of the home. He says, “I love the idea of a party spilling into and out of an open kitchen while a meal is being prepared.” And the way this kitchen was at the time was definitely not party-ready.

Previously this home’s kitchen was hidden behind the large laundry room and while the space was blessed with 12 feet ceilings, the cabinets went nearly to the ceiling rendering them out of reach without a ladder! The double level enclosed cabinets also created a boxed-in feeling that was exacerbated by French doors to the deck that opened inward, eating up floor and circulation space.

Beyond the open-plan conversion, this home has so many of the classic-yet-on-trend elements that we love, like herringbone tile, open shelving, and blue cabinets, yet Tom makes each feel fresh through impeccable execution and adding a little a twist. “The blue was inspired by the owners own love of the color – from the beginning, their inspiration photos included some version of blue. We threw some color options around including other wood finishes like walnut, but this hue won us all over, and they decided to run it everywhere. The final color has a crispness to it that seems upbeat and energetic.”

The solid wood open shelves bring in the wood element while steel doors (that open outward to the deck) add modern lines. The steel doors were a splurge – even though the contractor made them versus going through a known steel door company which are usually higher – but were absolutely worth it for the amount of light and functionality they give the space.

See the rest of the kitchen renovation in the slideshow!